Rockchip announced RK3399Pro

January 8, 2018

RK3399 Pro is released!

RK3399Pro logo

Rockhip released their first processor for AI - RK3399pro, is a new upgrade version of RK3399 with a powerful NPU with up to 2.4TOPs performance!

According to Rockchip, RK3399Pro has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption and easily development.

  • Superior AI computing performance:

    • Integrated NPU neural network processor
    • 8bit/16bit processing supported
    • Computing performance up to 2.4TOPs
    • Designed for various AI applications including smart vision and smart audio
  • Powerful general-purpose computing

    • ARM big.LITTLE core technology
    • Dual-core A72 and Quad-core A53
    • Quad-core Mali-T860 GPU
  • Rich interface and powerful expansibility

    • 4K video decoding for video based applications
    • Featured interfaces including: Dual type C, Dual ISP with each channel supporting up to 13MP, 4096x2160 display output, 8-channel digital microphone array input, Gigabit Ethernet support.

Software supports multiple APIs: OpenGL ES 1.x/2.x/3.x, Vulkan 1.0, OpenCL 1.11.2, Open VX 1.0, RenderScript

  • AI interface support TensorFlow Lite/AndroidNN API
  • AI software tools support importing, mapping and optimizing Caffe/TensorFlow model.

RK3399Pro is a one-stop embedded AI solution with superior performance and is the best choice for developing AI related products.

Performance on several typical networks:
VGG16 50ROI/s
RestNet50 86ROI/s
InceptionV4 36ROI/s

CNX-soft made a comparison of the NPU performance with popular embedded AI chips as below:

RK3399Pro performance

According the official performance from Rockchip, the RK3399Pro beats other high performance SoCs such as Apple A11, Huawei Kirin 970 and even NVIDIA TX2. If this is true, it would be very interesting and exciting since the chips avalability from Rockchips is far more easy that other highend chips.

RK3399Pro features

And one more thing, RK3399Pro is pin-to-pin compatible with RK3399! So ROCK960 will be upgraded to ROCK960 Pro with RK3399Pro. Let’s wait!

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