Introduce Rockchip RK3568

The RK3568 was officially unveiled in the fifth RDC(Rockchip Developer Conference). Rockchip RK3568 chip is a high-range general-purpose SoC, made in 22nm process technology, integrated 4-core ARM architecture A55 processor and Mali G52 2EE graphics processor, supporting 4K decoding and 1080P encoding. RK3568 supports various types of peripheral interfaces such as SATA/PCIE/USB3.0, it has a built-in independent NPU, and can be used for lightweight AI applications. RK3568 supports both Android 11 and Linux systems, and targets at industrial customization markets such as IoT gateways, NVR storage, industrial control panels, industrial equipment, industrial control boxes, karaoke, cloud terminals, and vehicle control center.

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Rockchip RK3566 features and highlights

In the Rockchip 2020 Processor Roadmap Update we had some basic info for RK3566 SoC and we know it’s a mid-range SoC targeting at AIoT applications with quad A55 cores, G52 GPU and supports dual display. We also regarded RK3566 as an upgrade version of the classic RK3288 with 64bits cpu, up to date gpu and some modern peripheral such as USB3.0. Vamrs, as the tier one design house of Rockchip, now have received the reference design of RK3566 and we can’t wait to share with you some highlights of this amazing and promising SoC.

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